Housebound, Assisted Living & Facility based Care

Housebound, Assisted Living & Facility Based Care.  So often, we find that our Veterans, Spouses and Widows are completely unaware that they may qualify for the Aid & Attendance Benefit to assist with their medical and Long Term Care expenses.   

These expenses can be devastating!!!  This Benefit can make the difference between receiving the care they desperately need to live comfortably and living in an unsafe environment, struggling day to day.  Our Veterans served our country.  They have earned this Benefit and they deserve this Benefit.

veterans-benefits-assist-org-emblemMany times we hear stories about how Dad or Mom required assisted care for years, both in home and in Assisted Care and Nursing Communities.  We talk to the families who have no idea how to pay for these expenses and they’re shocked to find out that the Aid & Attendance Benefit exists.  They are under pressure to help their parents the best way they can but the stress of doing so is overwhelming.

If a Veteran, Spouse or Widow requires the aid and assistance of someone for their care, they may qualify for the Aid & Attendance Benefit to help with their medical and Long Term Care Expenses.  Whether the Claimant lives at home or in an assisted care or nursing community, if they need assistance with their daily activities and medical needs, they may qualify and we can help.

We find that many elderly people want to stay in their homes.  They have no desire and sometimes absolutely refuse to move to any type of assisted living community.  They need help managing medications, preparing meals, helping with baths.  The list goes on and on.  Their children assist them and are their Caregivers.  The misconception is that the Caregiver must be a licensed professional.  NOT TRUE.  Though many families hire professional caregivers to assist the Veteran, Spouse or Widow the bottom line is that If the Claimant needs medical assistance with their ADL’s (Assistance with Daily Living) they may qualify for the Aid & Attendance Benefit.   

Sometimes our Veterans, Spouses and Widows live in Independent Communities but still require additional assistance for their daily medical needs.  Caregivers provide services to these individuals that may qualify them for this Benefit.

More often, our Veterans, Spouses and Widows are living in an Assisted Care, Skilled Nursing, Personal Care or Nursing Facility.  Their medical needs are escalating and the expenses are consuming.  The Aid & Attendance Benefit is designed to help these individuals with their medical and Long Term Care expenses.  This tax free, non-service connected pension can make a huge difference in enabling them to receive the care they desperately need.

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