How Fully Developed Claims Work


What does a “Fully Developed Claim” mean?  The VA processes over one million claims every year.  Their approval process can take several months.  If the paperwork is not done properly a case can literally take years to be finalized.  

The VA changes their guidelines often and you have to be aware of these changes in order to provide the information they’re looking for.  To say the least, the process of completing VA paperwork can be a daunting one.  The average person often becomes overwhelmed by the necessary forms and the information required to complete these forms correctly.  

What most people don’t know is that it’s not just the forms, it’s also the language used when answering the numerous questions that becomes critical.  I hear stories from so many families who tell me that they’ve tried to file for the Aid & Attendance Benefit or Widow’s Pension in the past.  It took them days, and sometimes weeks, to gather the information needed.  And once they finally thought they had it right and sent it in, they find out months later that the VA wants even more information or that their claim was denied.  

Requests from the VA for clarification are very confusing and unclear.  More often than not, it’s not that the claim was actually denied, it’s that they didn’t provide all of the necessary documentation to support their claim or they simply did not complete the paperwork correctly.  Most people just give up.  But then they find us and are amazed at how we are able to simplify this process.

We have been working with the VA for many years and we know how to answer their questions and make sure that they’re answered using the proper language.  We gather the supporting documents and when we send a claim to the VA, it’s done right the first time.  We also can provide pro bono services via an accredited Veteran Service Officer (VSO) and accredited attorney through a registered Veterans Advocacy 501(c)(3).  A Fully Developed Claim means that all of the forms and supporting paperwork are complete.  

Every case is different and each of them requires various items to justify their content.  This includes Medical Statements and Records; Confirmation from Caregivers and Facilities as to the services they provide; Service, Marriage and Death records and documentation of income and assets. The list goes on and on and varies with each and every case.  

We are trained to study each case and we know exactly what information is necessary based on the information we’ve received from the Veteran, Spouse, Widow and their families.  We’re very thorough.  We assist Veterans with hundreds of cases every year and do so successfully, often receiving approvals within 90 days.

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