Dan R. asks Susan a Question

Feb 11, 2016 11:59 AM

Good morning, Susan,

 Thank you for sharing your information and your heart with us on Tuesday, 2/9/2016 at Beaumont in Louisville, KY.  To say you were excellent is an understatement because your knowledge and passion for what you do on a daily basis is very evident.

I am wanting to know if the day comes for me and/or my wife (my wife did not serve in the Military) to need this kind of help, do we qualify?I was in the US Army from 9/1965 through 9/30/1971 at which time I had completed six years with an Honorable Discharge- DD FORM NO. 256A 1 MAY 50 .  I did my basic training at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in MO and additional training  at Fort Sam Houston Army Base in TX.  This training time was on active duty for about 4-5 months starting around Jan/Feb 1966.  After completing my training, it was monthly meetings and two weeks every year of summer camp until I did not re-enlist.


Please review and let me know your thoughts.
Again, Susan, thank you for your time and your passion to get this information to the Veterans.  Your service to our USA and Military Service Personnel is remarkable.  How sad we still do not have this passion at all levels in the VA.  Maybe one of these days it will change.
Respectfully yours,
Dan R
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