Son of Elsie G. Nov. 24 2015 Aid and Attendance Benefit

Nov. 24, 2015

Re: Mrs. E. G. – VA Aid and Attendance Benefit

Dear Susan;
I want to thank you for your diligence in assisting my mother getting approved for the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit due her.

We were first told that my mother didn’t qualify for this benefit.  But, when applying for admission into a senior assistant living facility we were given a brochure, with your name and information stating that we may be missing out on financial assistance for VA benefits.  From our first conversation you have been nothing but helpful.  You meet with us immediately, explained the process and put a plan in place to submit the necessary forms to be approved for the benefit.  You were always positive and reassured me that my mother would be approved.  Through the entire process we were never disappointed and the first week of November 2015 we received a letter from the VA acknowledging that my mother was awarded the VA benefit.

I am so grateful we found you and you guided us through this process.  We will be forever grateful for the work you did for our mother, and for all veterans and their spouse.  This could not have been done without your assistance.  The monthly benefit, and the retroactive pay from the date we submitted the request until approved, will allow my mother to enjoy her new home in the senior assisted living facility.veterans-benefits-assist-org-emblem

Son of Elsie G.

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