Getting the word out – more millions of dollars in monthly checks paid for assisted living and home care

Workshops for Veterans Benefits. The goal & need.

So many of our Veterans, Spouses, Widows and their families are completely unaware that the Aid & Attendance Benefit even exists. I think it’s so important to meet with our Veterans and their families to discuss this much deserved Benefit. It’s critical that they be aware that receiving this Benefit can help them afford to pay for the costs of their long term care. I hear stories everyday about how frightened they are that they are going to run out of money. With the Aid & Attendance Benefit that might not be the case.

EJames-and-Rosetta-TIngle-veterans-benefits-assistvery month, I conduct Veterans’ Workshops at a variety of Assisted Living, Nursing Home and Senior Citizen communities in order to educate our Veterans and their families. A simple 40 minute presentation honors our Veterans, gives them nationally reported data and statistics from NBC News and the Veterans Administration about the Aid & Attendance Benefit and walks them through the qualification process. It’s a time when I can meet these fine people face to face and answer their questions.

Often times, these people are living in their homes receiving In Home Care; other times their needs require them to be in an Assisted Living but they can’t afford it; and sometimes they’re already living in an Assisted Living but running out of money or need more extensive care at a Nursing Home that they cannot afford. I’m there to ease their minds and let them know that I can help them because this Benefit may alleviate many of their financial concerns.

Not only do the workshops help our Veterans receive this vital information, it is also beneficial for the retirement communities to offer this type of outreach because it allows their residents as well as local community members become aware of this information. The Retirement Communities welcome my involvement because they have seen firsthand that I work directly with these families through what can sometimes be a very difficult and daunting process. The workshop also educates the Directors and Staff at the various Communities so they can better serve their residents and the local community.

veterans-benefits-assist-org-emblemI cannot emphasize how important it is for not only the Veteran or Widow, but also their family members to attend our Workshops. I convey a great deal of critical information that they more than likely know nothing about. Undoubtedly, they are going to have questions and it’s my job to answer their questions and I’m happy to stay as long as necessary after the Workshop to ensure all questions are answered.

I’m very proud to say that we have never and will never charge for this service. We do this because we care. We do this because our Veterans have earned this Benefit and they deserve this Benefit. It’s our way of giving back to the fine men and women who sacrificed for our Country.