James T. Approved

August 10, 2011

(Susan Warner)


I would like to thank Susan Warner for all her assistance in helping my father, James T., obtain Aid and Assistance benefits from the Veterans Administration.  My father received notification this week that he has been approved for the monthly benefit of $1,644.00. Susan began the application process in April of this year and provided assistance throughout the process.   The VA is a huge bureaucratic institution that almost seems impossible to navigate.  But with Susan’s assistance, the process went very smooth from beginning to finish. Obtaining this benefit has changed the outlook for my father’s future.  He will now be financially able to remain at his place of residence, which has allowed him to keep his independence while assuring me of his safety and well-being. A am very grateful to Susan for helping my father qualify for these benefits; this would not have been achieved without her.  If you have any questions or need additional information, I may be reached at (859) 608-xxxx.  (Contact Susan Warner to obtain phone number).


Jon T.

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